Doing History on Twitter

W. Caleb McDaniel

January 6, 2015

Are you already on Twitter?

If yes, move RIGHT by pressing the right arrow key.

If not, move DOWN by pressing the down arrow key.

Let's set up a Twitter account!

Head to and create an account.

Ask for help if prompted to do anything you don't understand!

Protip: Try not to make a lengthy username; when others want to mention you in a tweet, they will only have 140 characters to use! A longer username eats up valuable characters!

When you've made an account, move DOWN by pressing the down arrow.

Set up your profile.

After you've finished the signup process, look for an egg-shaped image.

Click on it to see your profile (which can also be reached via the URL<username>).

Now look for the button that says "Edit profile."

If desired, add:

  • a short description of yourself
  • a location
  • a URL to your homepage

Once you've changed these things, move DOWN.

Update images for your account.

Protip: Be sure to select images that are large enough that they won't appear to be pixelated.

Move DOWN when you're done.

Adjust settings for your account.

While logged in, go to to adjust settings.

I recommend taking a look at these settings right away:

  • Security and privacy (I usually uncheck all boxes)
  • Email notifications (I usually turn these off)
  • Design (worth adjusting later to suit your taste)

Move DOWN when you're done.

Follow me!

Head to my profile and figure out how to follow me so that you can see what it looks like to receive tweets from people you follow in your timeline.

Now post a tweet!

Once you've made your first tweet, you might want to familiarize yourself with these resources before we move on.

When done, hit the right arrow twice until you see Twitter for History?

Let's crowd-source!

I'd like you to post some tweets that we will use in the next part of the workshop.

Move DOWN for more detailed instructions.

Do you follow or know about any Twitter feeds that tweet historical content or interpretation?

Examples might include:

Please post tweets mentioning feeds like these, and include the hashtags #THATcamp and `#aha2015 in your tweet.

When done, please move right.

Twitter for History?

Please leave your screen here so I'll know when we are ready to move on. If you're done, help a neighbor.

Why use Twitter as Historical Medium?